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I just have no words...

The Transportation Security Administration asked Congress last Friday for permission to cut $104 million, or about 20 percent, of the funding for the air marshal program to help offset the agency's $900 million budget deficit.

The next day, Homeland Security - the TSA's parent agency - sent an advisory to airlines and law enforcement agencies warning al-Qaida may try more suicide hijackings.



Sometimes, you'd rather be wrong

Avadon Carol has a good rant today about how it is not always a good thing to have your predictions come true.

Look, I hate this Cassandra stuff, really. I always hope I'm just being pessimistic or even paranoid. But I've been feeling this train-wreck headed for us from the very beginning. Remember when Ken Layne predicted that if Bush became president there would be "a blood-bath"? Well, the blood-bath came and he promptly forgot it. Look, the guy demonstrated on national television during the presidential debates that he couldn't open his mouth without causing an international incident. As soon as he was in the White House he messed things up with China, twice, and all that was before 9/11. Then he rushed into Afghanistan with all the speed of someone who has no idea what war is and I knew then that it was a mistake if he wasn't going to stay for the long-haul, and I also doubted his commitment. I was right. Then the Iraq stuff started and it was perfectly obvious to anyone with an IQ over seven that we could expect no more from him there even if there had been a good reason to invade - and I still maintain there was not.

Have I been wrong? No, I haven't. I hoped I was, but it's all just kept rolling in its inexorable way and some people still won't wake up and I just don't know what it takes.

Some people are sighing with relief because the press, at long last, appears to be blinking its way out of its stupor and being more critical of the administration, but they don't do the one thing that has the best chance of getting us to a road out of this mess, which is to pay attention to the opposition. Democrats keep holding press conferences to address these issues - especially including security issues - and the press doesn't even show up. Gee, no wonder the public still thinks the Republicans are better on national security: No one has bothered to tell them that most of the people who are actually trying to address national security aren't Republicans.

No, the Republicans' answer to national security is to try to terrorize ordinary people who are funny-colored or read a lot or are members of peace groups and who have nothing to do with terrorism. They call us traitors merely for caring that the Constitution is being pulled out from under us. I mean, what else do you call it?

OK, Now I'm confused....

From our illustrious leader:

[Bush] Said the United States must sort through "literally miles of documents" to learn the truth of whether Saddam's regime had ties to al-Qaida and details about its weapons programs. "We've been there for 90 days," he said.

Ok, let's back up a bit here. If I recall correctly, one of Bush's selling points before the war was that 'we' already knew that Saddam had ties to al-Qaida. That we already had the proof!

I mean, isn't that what all those soldiers were talking about at the fall of Baghdad when they were crowing about "payback for 9/11?"

Hell, polls show that more than half the people in the US believe that Saddam planned the whole thing. Where do you suppose they got that idea?

Did someone say something about 'revisionist history'?



Why does Dubyuh disrespect our flag?

President Bush signs American flags for workers at Beaver Aerospace and Defense after speaking about jobs and economic growth in Livonia, Michigan, Thursday, July 23, 2003. President Bush, in campaign-style speeches in states vital to his re-election, sought Thursday to make sure voters give him credit for rebates heading to millions of taxpayers this week. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Yep, that's him.

The hypocracy of the right knows no bounds.

I guess all that rhetoric from the right about flag-desecration only applies to them Librul Traitors.

(Thanks to Tom Tomorrow for the link)

Mark Twain wrote over a hundred years ago: "I am not finding fault with this use of our flag; for in order not to seem eccentric I have swung around, now, and joined the nation in the conviction that nothing can sully a flag. I was not properly reared, and had the illusion that a flag was a thing which must be sacredly guarded against shameful uses and unclean contacts, lest it suffer pollution; and so when it was sent out to the Philippines(Iraq? - ed.) to float over a wanton war and a robbing expedition I supposed it was polluted, and in an ignorant moment I said so. But I stand corrected. I concede and acknowledge that it was only the government that sent it on such an errand that was polluted. Let us compromise on that. I am glad to have it that way. For our flag could not well stand pollution, never having been used to it, but it is different with the administration."

Only in America

What the hell is THIS all about?

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon (news - web sites) is setting up a commodity-market style trading system in which investors would be able to bet on political and economic events in the Middle East -- including the likelihood of assassinations and terrorist attacks.



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